Thursday, May 8, 2014 it like Gold?

     4K TV- that's the new b**ch these days. I read somewhere that "Breaking Bad" is going 4K. Not to mention Netflix' "House of Cards" just went 4K also. I was wondering, what is that? Are they going gold? What's next...14 K, then 18, 22 and 24k? Wow!   

So I looked this up, this 4K. Well- I was introduced to UHD (Ultra High Definition) and FUHD (Full Ultra High Definition), forgive me if I forgotten some other...maybe EFUHD (Extreme Full Ultra....whatever). Our TV have evolved from humongous to very thin and very light skinny- starving pale piece of wall ornament while we evolved into full, extra full, extreme full piece of couch ornaments! Pardon my language. My youngest tells me that I'm not obese...he said it in the most loving way, "Mommy, you're just THICK!"   

So what does it do? Or what is it exactly? It gives us four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD, give and take...about twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of the 1080p HDTV format, with four times as many pixels overall. Ok! We covered the basics. What does it do and what is it exactly, I ask? Well, if you understand what it said on the first few lines of this paragraph then I really don't need to tell you what it will do to your tv and movie watching enjoyment. But if you're like me, (actually I understand a little bit because I had to learn that on my Programming 101 about resolutions, monitors and pixels...etc); nevertheless if you don't get it, welcome to the rest of humankind who buy stuff that looks cool but does not really know what it does, really!
So now, I'm finally going to see my favorite actors' pimples, not to mention some boogers to go with it too! Now it will be clear to me how many grey hairs does George Clooney has, or I can now show my youngest son (who is a big fan of Nicholas Cage) that he's really wearing a taupe! Isn't that awesome, or what?! Technology, technology technology...what will we be without you!
Well, I told myself...we are technology and gadget lovers so I decided to do a little research about 4K TVs. My husband always tells me, all the time to research it first before even considering to buy anything. Would you believe I found just the right place,  AMAZON  has it! The reviews were very helpful and it really convinced me to give this a try, it's only $40,000.00. My husband will be pissed off when he find's out I spent the down payment for a new house for this amazing 4K TV, but when he read the reviews, he will understand!!!

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